Friday, July 29, 2011

SURFPUNX: The Mixes - Pick In Hand, Distortion On

Amp on. Volume Up. Pick In Hand. Distortion On. Ready to Rock? Good!

Get ready to rock out to three hours of guitar riffs, unforgettable licks, and bevy of chorus that beg you to sing-a-long. We primarily stick with the 70's & 80's bands with an occasional dip back to the late-60's or the one random 2010 drop-in. Bands like Dokken, Cinderella, ZZ Top, Styper, Scorpions, Great White, W.A.S.P. & AC/DC grace this rockin' set.

Another mix brought to you by the kind folks at Expect Odd Things.

Friday, July 22, 2011

SURFPUNX: The Mixes - Lights Off, Volume Up

Here is our take on a two-hour electro-house/trance set featuring the likes of Tiesto, Benassi, Oakenfold, Kaskade, Afrojack, Deadmau5 and many more of your favorite electronic artists. It's entitled "Lights Out, Volume Up," because we just got our DJ's lights in and we wanted something to pump and make the lights dance in the darkness of night. We suggest you do the same and dance in your own world to monitor light or bust out your decades old strobe light and have a party of your own.

This mix was made especially for the poi-spinners, hula-hoopers and flameologists out there. Throw this mix on as you practice or perform tossing fire in the air for all to awe at. Enjoy the beats!

Friday, July 8, 2011

SURFPUNX: The Mixes - Maiden Voyage at McNinney's

A mix created in celebration of Mr. McNinney's housewarming party. The Maiden Voyage at McNinney's will provide the perfect backdrop to get inebriated, intoxicated, hammered and otherwise just generally fucked up. 
We've favored Robin Skouteris & Mark Ronson heavily as well as a trio of songs from Grace Potter and the Nocturnals in addition to our usual smörgåsbord of artists. 

Not McNinney? Than this will suffice any party from 2 - 2,000. Enjoy. 

Another mix brought to you by the kind folks here at Expect Odd Things.