Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Conan's Cast-Off

If you didn't already know Jay Leno is leaving the Tonight Show. About a year or so ago NBC announced that his replacement would be the Late Night host Conan O'Brien. NBC also stated that Jimmy Fallon would replace Conan O'Brien on Late Night as of March 2nd, 2009. On another note, I read earlier today the former co-host Andy Richter would be returning and acting as the announcer on the Tonight Show.

So here is a clip from the last Late Night with Conan O'Brien where he speaks of those behind the scenes, those who got him here, and all of the rest of his supporting cast. I hope you enjoy Conan as the host of the Tonight Show as much as you've liked his work on Late Night. Check out Conan on the Tonight Show starting June 1st, 2009.

Late Night with Conan O'Brien - The Last Late Night Good Night

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Wedding Update(d)

So after two wedding party hiccups we're confident that we have the supporting cast willing and able to go the distance with us this June in Tahoe. I've updated the facebook group, the wedding website and finally our wedding t-shirts. Here is the newly designed and updated wedding tee and a sneak peek for those following my daily doses of insanity.

Make custom t-shirts at

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NHL moves awards ceremony to Las Vegas

NHL moves awards ceremony to Las Vegas

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I.M. Pei's Fredonia State

When I was in art class in 8th grade at Fredonia Middle School my teacher told me about a world-famous architect that built the new wing of the Louvre, the new wing of the National Gallery of Art, and he also created the many building on the campus of the State University of New York - Fredonia. Fredonia State, as it is better known, consists of several dominanting cement buildings that capture the skyline of campus. Also there is a several mile road encompassing all of the main portions of camus. Ring Road and the buildings were designed by I.M. Pei and his company around 1968.

Many residents of Fredonia and even graduates of Fredonia State go on never having a clue that the campus they walked upon so easily was hand designed by one of the world's most renowned architets. Above are some of the buildings that Pei designed for the campus. First is Maytum Hall, the campus residences with suite style dorm rooms. Second is the Williams Center, where Jenny and I attended our Winter Ball freshmen year of high school. Next is the Reed Library with its iconic tower with study rooms overlooking the campus. (Also provides an awesome skate spot for those looking in WNY.) Finally is Rockefeller Art Center one of the most acousticly sound buildings I have ever stepped into.

Below are some of Pei's better known works, the Louvre Pyramid, the National Gallery of Art East Building, and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. He is currently working on the NASCAR Hall of Fame due to open in 2010 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Jenn Stuczynski

Today I'd like to inform you about Fredonia High School graduate and Woman's Pole Vault Olympic Silver Medalist Jenn Stuczynski. She continues to focus in on the World Indoor Record after she achieved the Indoor American Record at the Boston Indoor Games at the beginning of February. She was also named by Track & Field News as the American Woman Athlete of the Year for 2008.

Jenn was an amazing track star at Fredonia High School. Many that competed with and against her saying that she was light-years ahead of anyone at any event. Oddly enough though, Jenn didn't pole vault at Fredonia, she barely began the sport six years ago, and now she can claim an Olympic Silver Medal at Beijing.

Here is her Nutrilite commercial along with her press conference immediately following her receieving the Indoor American Record in Women's Pole Vault. I hope to keep you updated on Jenn's progress leading up to the London 2012 Olympic Games.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

So I Married . . . Best Clips

Often when I hear someone say woman, I repeat, "WHOA-MAN!" and maybe half the time people get what I'm saying. Maybe I can pass on such a practice to you and also help educate you about a exclusive club called 'The Pentavirate'. I hope you enjoy these two clips from So I Married an Axe Murderer.

The Pentavirate.

Woman. WHOA-MAN!

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Marijuana Role Models - from the MPP

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My Cousin is Crazy

Here's a video I just found of my cousin and his trek up 4,000 feet to the top of the Jackson Hole ski resort. Watch as the climate vastly changes as he climbs. Just another Montalva grandkid living life!

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On a lighter note, here is Kaitlin and Rob from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia telling you about boob snow. Ya that's right I said BOOB SNOW!

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Sabres Win One for Flight 3407

Late in the evening Thursday night outside of Buffalo as small commuter plane crashed into the small community of Clarence Center, NY. All 44 passengers and the four crew members perished in the crash. Here are some Buffalo Sabres speaking out about the crash, as some of them even heard it in the own homes. Several of the Buffalo Sabres live in Clarence Center and were not that far from where the crash occurred.

Buffalo were leading early against visitors San Jose Sharks. Early in the first period the Sabres were up 3-0, then let that lead slip in the second as they finished the second period at 4-3. Then with six minutes left in the third the Sharks seize the day on Buffalo and go ahead for the first time in the game 5-4. Then with three seconds left in the third period Buffalo's Jason Pominville puts the puck in the back of the net to force the OOOOVVVVEEERRRTIME! Needless to say the Buffalo boys pulled one out for the community, for Buffalo, and for the victims of Flight 3407.

Lindy Ruff's Post Game Interview

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Take Some Time to Skank Today

Turn up the speakers, push back the chair and SKANK! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you - THE SKATALITES performing the "Guns of Navarone". Enjoy!

G.I. Joe The Movie

There is a short trailer for Paramount Picture's upcoming film G.I. Joe - The Movie. I guess it was aired during the Super Bowl but I must have been getting chips or something because I didn't see it.

This movie looks pretty amazing with the downing of the Eiffel Tower and all. I wonder what my buddy Samson has to say about it. He is the foremost expert on all things G.I. Joe. The man has the C.O.B.R.A. emblem tattooed on both arms.

I'm not so big on the 30 second trailers because they tend to show more action, comedy or film footage than is necessary. Because the trailers are packed into such a tight time constraint I think they feel the need to show you the more intense portions of the film. This in turn destroys your viewing experience when you finally do see the movie.

An example of this I recently experienced is when I saw Paul Blart: Mall Cop. While I think they did a tremendous job making the funny parts of the trailer be not funny at all in the movie that took away from the experience. I remember when he slides to the floor and has to scoot behind a pillar for cover his hilariously depicted in the trailer with great background music and sound effects. When it was shown in the movie there was no accompaniment of additional sounds - just the squeak of the floor and him grunting behind the pillar. This just shows the lack of depth that some of these scripts have.

Well now that I've slammed the medium in which this trailer is being presented - here is it without further ado.

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NHL Voices - Rick Jeanneret

For my first entry of the day I bring you the NHL Network's series Voices featuring Rick Jeanneret in the Sabres broadcast booth for the last 36 seasons. Please forgive the quality of video, its the audio of RJ that is priceless in the end. If you haven't seen this special yet I highly suggest you do. Here is Part 1 of this episode, the other files should line up afterwards.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009


THIS IS . . . . CHAZZ . . .

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Soccer Update

First and foremost the U.S. beat Mexico in the first match of the final round of World Cup 2010 qualifying. Coach Bob Bradley's son Michael was the star of the game with two goals on our neighbors to the south. Here the usual suspects from ESPN's soccer coverage giving their two cents on last night's matchup.

Also here is an update on how things are going for the South African squad. They lost an international friendly 2-0 to visitors Chile. But more importantly than how their squad is fairing is the issues of readiness of this, one of Africa's most developed nations. With having to upgrade or build new on every stadium for the World Cup, South Africa has had far to come. Here is an overall update on their status.

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Are You Juicy Too?

I had this song stuck in my head, so now you can too! Here is Better Than Ezra making a comeback with their 2005 song "Juicy". Apparently the song got a boost when ABC's Desperate Housewives used it for their ads in '05. Since then Applebee's has used them in commercials as well. But my favorite fun fact about the song is that the NHL's Dallas Stars play it when Jussi Jokinen scores a goal. Here's the video without further delay, enjoy the song as these ladies (and one dude) boogie down just for your enjoyment.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Did Someone Say Buffalo Hockey?

Weed Wednesday - MS & Homegrown

Here is a patient suffering from Multiple Sclerosis who receives medical marijuana. He speaks of the benefits he receives when he uses his alternative medicine. You just may have heard of this patient, his name is Montel Williams and he is one of America's highest profile persons openly fighting for the legalization of medical marijuana. Enjoy this week's legal weed presentation:

This is, in my opinion the best movie ever made revolving around pot. Not only is it funny, well written, but it has some of the most celebrity appearances you can get in one movie. It stars Billy Bob Thornton, Hank Azaria, Ryan Phillipe, Kelly Lynch, John Lithgow, Jon Bon Jovi, Judge Reinhold, Ted Danson, and Jamie Lee Curtis. I've found the movie posted on YouTube in several parts. Here is the first part with links to the rest. Enjoy this week's weed culture presentation:

Robinho's AMAZING Goal

Here is the second goal in the 26th minute of the February 10th friendly between Brazil and Italy in London's Emirate Stadium. Watch both the effort to steal the ball back and then the unbelievable moves to finish if off. This simple video shows why the Brazilians are light-years ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to this graceful sport.

BANTU - "Lagos Jump"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Top Gear: Season 12 Premiere

The boys of Top Gear are back and better than ever. Just when you think their producers couldn't possibly come up with anything more ludicrous for them to do they come through with this: Drive a "lorry" (semi-truck, 18-wheeler) through an advanced mountain course made to test road cars. But there's a catch, they have to do it in three minutes with fragile loads in their trailers. Enjoy this segment and tune into BBC America and catch next week's episode when they travel to the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah to test out some American muscle.

I found this site about a year ago and I cannot begin to tell you about the savings that I've received from them. I generally use it when I am booking on a travel site like,, or But naturally as you can see in the video they have coupons and codes for virtually any and all online retailers you can conceive. I want to pass these savings onto you, my loyal followers and spread the word by telling everyone about ExpectOddThings and RetailMeNot. Below the video I have the instructions from the RetailMeNot website.

Here are the instructions from :

Thanks for taking the time to learn about the RetailMeNot service.


Did you know when buying items and services online there are often great discounts readily available?

During the payment process many online stores will have a field to enter a coupon or promotion code. Entering a special code will give you a discounted rate or free extras.


STEP 1: Make a note of the online store you are buying something from. For example:
Or even just:

STEP 2: Visit

STEP 3: Enter the address from step 1 into the box and press the "Get Coupons" button

STEP 4: You should now be presented with any coupons available for that store. Make a note of them.

STEP 5: Click the 'use it' link next to the coupon and proceed to enter your coupon code when asked at checkout.

With any luck you should now have a great discount or bonus!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Phelps Photo Reactions

Ernest Ranglin & the High Notes - Surfin' (Live)

I often hear Ernest Ranglin on Sirius Satellite Radio's reggae station The Joint. If I'm not mistaken I believe all of his music is instrumental. I absolutely love his version of Satta Massagana.

Check him out live in Belgium with the High Notes.

Derrick Does It Again

Friday, February 6, 2009

Phelps Accepts Punishment

A message from SSDP


By now you're probably aware that Olympic hero Michael Phelps was photographed lighting an orphanage on fire, and has now been suspended from competing and is getting dropped by a major sponsor.

Oh, wait. Actually, he was photographed lighting marijuana on fire, not an orphanage.

Smoking marijuana is hardly unusual behavior for a 23 year old. In fact, Phelps is being crucified for something that more than half the adult American population has done at some point in their lives.

Yet, Phelps is facing suspension from competing in the Olympics and Kellogg's cereal has decided to drop their sponsorship of the athlete, claiming "Michael's most recent behavior is not consistent with the image of Kellogg."

Kellogg's needs to hear from the public that their decision will hurt their company far more than Phelps's marijuana use. Please contact Kellogg's today and tell them that you will boycott all of their products until they reverse their decision on Phelps's sponsorship (you can find a list of Kellogg's products at the bottom of this e-mail). You can contact Kellogg's by visiting

Just cut and paste the following message into the webform on the Kellogg's website (or edit it if you like):

I am deeply disappointed by your decision to drop your sponsorship of Michael Phelps simply because he was photographed smoking marijuana. Over half of all adult Americans, including our last three presidents, have smoked marijuana during their lives. It is outrageous that Kellogg's would hold Michael Phelps to such an unreasonable standard, rather than standing by a 23 year old who has brought more inspiration and joy to millions of Americans than most will accomplish in a lifetime. Until you reverse your decision to drop Michael Phelps' sponsorship, I will be boycotting all Kellogg's products.

Meanwhile, USA Swimming, the governing body of American swimming events, has suspended Phelps for three months for his use of marijuana. While this will not cause him to miss any major competitions, he still faces a potential four-year suspension from the International Olympic Committee and the World Anti-Doping Agency. If you have a Facebook account, please join thousands of others in signing a petition demanding that the IOC and WADA not suspend Phelps from international competition.

Have a great weekend, and please keep an eye out for further action on this next week. We're working with a coalition of organizations to send a strong message to the media that a single bong hit should never ruin a person's career.


Kris Krane, Executive Director
Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Happy Birthday Bob Marley

I wonder what Bob Marley would think of death metal.

In other news it's also my father's birthday.

Other notable birthdays on this date include: famous Yankee Babe Ruth, former President Ronald Reagan, actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, Guns 'n Roses lead singer Axl Rose, actress Kathy Najimy, singer Natalie Cole, journalist Tom Brokaw, actor Rip Torn, and way back in the day - former Vice President Aaron Burr.

Fanboys Trailer

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Vallarta Adventure's Outdoor Adventure

This is what we hope to do on our honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We'll be going there so long as the copy of my naturalization papers get processed in due time. Enough about that, here is the badass adventure we hope to go on!

Scooter By Any Other Name

Muppet Babies ROCK!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Weed Wednesday

I still can't decide to make this a regular on Wed. or Mon. but either way it'll have a sick name. Weed Wednesdays or Marijuana Mondays will be a new feature here on the issues and culture surrounding marijuana. Each week I'll post a story, link or video pertaining to the legal fight for the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana worldwide. I'll also post a story, link or video concerning the culture behind the 'magic herb'.

This week I am featuring the Marijuana Policy Project's plea to President Obama for several but simple things concerning the marijuana movement. Also I have posted a video of Mr. Bob Marley explaining his interpretation of how Rastafarians view marijuana. I hope you enjoy Weed Wednesdays (or should it be Marijuana Mondays; THC Tuesdays?; Smoked Out Saturdays?).


Former UNLV Rebel and the 2006-07 NBA D-League Rookie of the Year - Louis Amundson is back in the desert playing for the Phoenix Suns. According to's Fantasy News he is "averaging 18.6 minutes, 5.9 points, 6.5 boards and 0.9 blocks over his last eight games." Now I've never really like the NBA too much, or even follow it much to this day, but I continue to check in on my boy Amundson.

I remember walking around campus to class one day and I saw him leaned over panting madly, sweat pouring from his brow and he had his hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. I just smiled at him and gave him a nod to acknowledge I knew who he was. I always knew the way he worked on and off the court that he'd make it. He's worked like a dog in the D-League, sat on the bench on a couple NBA squads but finally he is getting a legitamate chance to prove his value in the NBA. He used to post up with the likes of Ute 7-footers like NBA #1 Overall pick Andrew Bogut and still attending Utah Luke Nevill, so I always knew he could make in the NBA.

Here is his player card widget from

Derek Jeter's Taco Hole

Derek Jeter Taco Hole SNL Skit

Originally airing on December 1st, 2001 it re-aired as apart of the SNL Sports Special the night before the Super Bowl. I damn near wet myself listening to this several beers deep.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Eagles - Life in the Fast Lane

Was just checking out some cars and started singing to myself so I thought I'd share it with you.

Bonnaroo '09 Artists Announced

Bonnaroo 2009 will be June 11-14 in Manchester, Tennessee.

Sabres Drop Gloves

During our six game road trip out West the Buffalo Sabres have been playing amazingly physical hockey. The entire Eastern Conference is not known for their grit, while the Western Conference is known just for that. This is the culmination of playing scrappy hockey with the Chicago Blackhawks, Dallas Stars, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames, the Phoenix Coyotes and finally the Anaheim Ducks all on the road. The Sabres have been effectively on the road since January 10th. They came home for a game against the Hurricanes on 17th right before the All-Star break. But essentially the entire month of January was played against Western Conference teams on the road, as we even started off the month of February there as well. Here are the fights from last night's game versus the Ducks.

Craig Rivet versus Corey Perry in the 2nd Period.

Craig Rivets drops them again verus Steve Montador.

Andrews Peters versus George Parros "The Pirate".

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