Sunday, November 25, 2007

Wheelchair Tennis

While surfing the tube before going to bed I noticed this on the Tennis Channel. It was the US Open Men's Final between Kunieda and Ammerlaan. The rules are basically the same with the exception of the allowance of a second bounce. The first bounce has to be in the court, while the second bounce can be anywhere.

The game takes enormous agility and the ability to master several tasks at once. Using the free hand to move the chair about, the key to wheelchair tennis is to keep the chair moving. The problem is that it takes so much force to just get the chair going from a complete stop, keeping it moving allows one to change direction quickly.

I'm hooked on another sport folks! It never fails that I find something else to capture my undying attention. Keep a look out, you never know what will interest me next!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ref Thought NFL Was College

This week's segment of Official Review on Total Access, a semi-nightly program on the NFL Network, was especially interesting. The VP of NFL Officiating Mike Pereira explains the blown call during the Colts - Chargers game as a mess up by an official. This happens almost every week, but the reason is the real kicker. The official miscalled the play, BECAUSE HE THOUGHT IT WAS COLLEGE!!!

Are you kidding me!? A first year official miscalls a massive play that could destroy a postseason home game for the Colts. This is a complete failure on this officials fault. There must be some consideration towards correcting officiating errors that drastically change the face of the game. It was clear that in this play he was gone for a touchdown. A touchdown that would have given Indy a road win over the Chargers and depending on how the Steelers end up, could cost he Colts a home game this postseason.

I know that the concept of correcting human error during a live football game is controversial at best. I merely suggest to begin a discussion about this, to create some ideas to correct these errors. In the spirit of instant replay, this is to allow the game itself to determine the victor, not any other outside factors that may conflict an unbiased outcome.

Needless to say, this blunder should go down in history. I can't believe this call isn't getting more press. I, for one, had to mark this moment in history for this young official. Hats off to Mike Pereira, he continues to take complete ownership for the errors to his officials and does so with poise and grace. Now if only the MLB, NBA, and NHL can get such accountability for the errors their officials make.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Giants D is Suspect At Best

With all the hype this week revolving around my Cowboys (again) and the New York Giants matchup later today. The talk mainly stating that the Cowboys are one of the top offenses in the league and the Giants D being among the best. But I pose this question, who the hell have the Giants D faced? Well, to answer that question, absolutely no one.

When breaking down their opponents, I looked at that offenses top three performers. Which on most any team would be their starting QB, RB, and top WR. On some teams a TE might factor into the picture (ie. Chargers) but for the most part let's just stick with the top three positions on offense.

The first two weeks of the season, which I call reality for the New York Giants, they allowed an abysmal 35 points to the Green Bay Packers and 45 to my Dallas Cowboys. As Tony Romo, Terrell Owens and the devil tandem of Julius Jones and Marion Barber III, the Giants were screwed Week 1. The Cowboys D didn't show up allowing NYG all of 35 points before our offense commanded the lead with 45 points themselves. This is no top notch defense Week 1 thats for sure. So when facing the likes of Brett Favre, DeShaun Wynn (now on IR), and Greg Jennings (oddly their top receiver) the Giants get ran over. They allowed Green Bay to gain over 350 yards and keep the ball for over 34 minutes.

Now to the "new and improved" Giants defense, most of which I do not see. I'll admit that they're getting a lot more third down stoppages. But against who exactly, is my point. No one is the answer, when you break down the offenses that NYG has faced this season after the likes of Favre and Romo. Week 3 they faced Jason Campbell, Clinton Portis, and a lacking Santana Moss. Jason Campbell is anything but a franchise QB at this point, Portis has been lacking major appeal after a couple injuries the past few years, and Santana Moss has completely forgot to show up to work this season. So the scary Redskins offense is anything but this season. This game was decided by a goal line stance provided by the much touted NYG D. While I can in no way bash such a beautiful stance from the D, I can't allow it to be the basis for this fallacy called the "Good Giants D".

Move on to Philly, who still haven't proved their offense worthy of anything with the exception of an unbelievable game against Detroit. Donovan McNabb has been struggling as of late as Philly, formally a WR factory, now has absolutely no one at wideout of any star power (sure Curtis but really, him over a T.O.?). Brian Westbrook is seemingly the entire Eagles offense every game as Andy Reid looks to have gone crazy and calls #36 to get the rock every down. Top that off with a season-long injury plaguing L.J. Smith one of their top annual performers, the Eagles look down and out begging for a good shake.

I could waste my time typing about how bad the New York Jets offense is, but I think we all are well aware of their miscues (Clemens starting?). Anyone not from the NY area that can name me their starting RB gets a special prize. I can likely skip over describing any form of offense that the Atlanta Falcons have this season with Joey Harrington, Jerious Norwood, and an aging Joe Horn the stars of this team.

Move on to a Niners team plagued by injuries and bad performance days. Trent Dilfer is now under center as Alex Smith is out with a shoulder injury. Frank Gore had a similar day to the way his whole season has gone, nothing and nowhere. To this I must give the Giants D credit as if you allow Frank Gore into the football game, you then let all of the SF 49ers into the game as well. So thats RB #1 that they've faced and fared well against.

Continue onto to their last game; a wicked, old-school style, rough and tumble type of game on the worst playing surface since Gale Sayers hit the pitch. Wembley Stadium provided the backdrop for the first ever NFL game played outside of the North American continent. (Hey hey boys now we just have Asia, Africa, Australia, South America and Antarctica to go!) In the nastiest game I've ever seen outside the month of December, no one was looking to be an offensive genius in this one. Add to the fact the Giants were playing a Cleo Lemon lead Dolphins across the pond and any hopes of an offensive juggernaut were quickly squashed. Top it all off that the Dolphins lost the league leading RB to the IR for the rest of the season and you have a completely sorry at best Dolphins offense.

So I ask you, why are we so infatuated with a defense that allows an average 20 PPG, over 295 yards allowed, and almost 200 yards passing per game. These are not numbers of an 85 Bears D, a 03 Ravens D, or even an 06 Bears D. The Giants D has done well because they haven't faced an offense with any fire power besides their first two opponents. We'll see if they've truly improved later today, but my hopes are not with Strahan and company.

Nothing short of a win will change my mind, cause after all, the Cowboys looked horrible against Buffalo, but who got the W.