Thursday, November 15, 2007

Ref Thought NFL Was College

This week's segment of Official Review on Total Access, a semi-nightly program on the NFL Network, was especially interesting. The VP of NFL Officiating Mike Pereira explains the blown call during the Colts - Chargers game as a mess up by an official. This happens almost every week, but the reason is the real kicker. The official miscalled the play, BECAUSE HE THOUGHT IT WAS COLLEGE!!!

Are you kidding me!? A first year official miscalls a massive play that could destroy a postseason home game for the Colts. This is a complete failure on this officials fault. There must be some consideration towards correcting officiating errors that drastically change the face of the game. It was clear that in this play he was gone for a touchdown. A touchdown that would have given Indy a road win over the Chargers and depending on how the Steelers end up, could cost he Colts a home game this postseason.

I know that the concept of correcting human error during a live football game is controversial at best. I merely suggest to begin a discussion about this, to create some ideas to correct these errors. In the spirit of instant replay, this is to allow the game itself to determine the victor, not any other outside factors that may conflict an unbiased outcome.

Needless to say, this blunder should go down in history. I can't believe this call isn't getting more press. I, for one, had to mark this moment in history for this young official. Hats off to Mike Pereira, he continues to take complete ownership for the errors to his officials and does so with poise and grace. Now if only the MLB, NBA, and NHL can get such accountability for the errors their officials make.

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