Sunday, January 13, 2008

Australian Open Picks

Scooter: So, who you got for the Aussie Open? I have (had) Jankovic and still have Fernando Gonzalez, she's struggling/coming back in the third. Now I've got tennis, hockey and college basketball to look forward too now that the Cowboys have lost!

Keon: Roger of course, come on is there really a question? And likely Serena for the repeat in the Women's. Who's coming back in the 3rd? Oh, Jankovic, I was going to say, Serena won in straight sets.

: thats why I said have (had) her, she might not make it past the first round as my pick.

Keon: Your boy Gonzalez is in Federer's quarter too, so to pick him you're saying that Federer doesn't even make the semi's.

Scooter: Well he's always my pick no matter the surface, tournament, or draw. He's a Chilean and a top five ATP player, so . . . I noticed that Federer was in his same quarter and was pissed but I can't waiver my allegiance.

Keon: Well i didn't know you meant who am i cheering for, I thought you meant who did i think would win each draw. I'm cheering for Hewitt and Roddick in the Men's and Serena and Maria in the Women's. Hewitt's got a tough draw too though, got both Djokovic and Ferrer. Nadal's got Moya, Robredo and Roddick. Damn, the top right quarter of the bracket is where its at, Davydenko, Murray, Gasquet, none of those three are playing well. Davydenko is either dropping matches to fix them or is a really bad choker. I like pretty much anyone coming out of that quarter. None of those three top players is very dominant, and all three struggled at Wimbledon.

Scooter: Maria is my #2 to Jelena - I love Jelena's play (most of the time) plus she's got a killer body! Here we go girl, with the come back! Dude his wife and brother are gonna get questioned for match fixing, Davydenko that is. That guys is gonna fuck up so many tourneys this year because of litigation, investigation, and the downfall of his personal life because of such.

Keon: I thought they already talked to his wife, brother, mother and grandmother, and what they want now is phone records of his wife, brother and coach. So if Jankovic drops this one here that makes Serena's run to the semis that much easier huh? I hadn't checked the Women's draw yet.

Scooter: I forget I didn't read the last story completely. OH MAN - HOW DO I GET THAT JOB!?! That dude is massaging Jelena courtside! HOLY CRAP! OH YEAH BABY! Jankovic pulls it out in the end. Moving on, a little scary there for a three seed.

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