Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Brewsday - Brew's Best 2011

Last spring we wrote a preview highlighting what to expect from the Inaugural 2010 Brew's Best Festival held at Lake Las Vegas, Nevada. We had an overwhelmingly good time last year, so much so that we never got around to producing any sort of follow up to that article. Well in case you were curious what the gathering and the surroundings look like we have your back with coverage from the 2011 Brew's Best Festival.

This biannual festival is hosted by Southern Nevada's New Vista Community. The proceeds from the festival go on to benefit the New Vista Ranch. As stated on their website, "New Vista Ranch is the premier facility for housing and empowering adults with disabilities in Nevada.Founded in 1984 by parents of disabled individuals, New Vista Ranch is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality housing and support services to developmentally disabled adults."

Here is Expect Odd Things' footage from the 2011 Brew's Best:

Click here to view in HD.

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