Sunday, February 5, 2012

SURFPUNX: Year 2012 - Let's Warm This Up a Bit

While the winter months continue to pile on cold weather, (it seems mother nature forget to bring the snow this year) we struggle to keep the blood flowing in our bodies buried beneath blankets and sweaters. I say NAY! Let's pop on this mix and progress from head bobbing, to feet tapping, to torso swaying, right onto legs standing, and before you know it you've been dancing two and half hours wrapping up up the celebration with Kurt Cobain backed by some French House beats.

We've pieced together some remixes and mash-ups of your favorite Top 40 songs from yesterday, today and tomorrow. We're back in the mix after a hiatus of a few months. We hope to be back giving you mixes to listen to on a regular basis. Thanks for following our work and we can't wait to more of what we've been working on! 

Press play and get that body moving to "Let's Warm This Up a Bit - A Mid-Winter Heater!" 

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