Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Best Songs About Mexico

Hello again, it has been a minute since writing a blog but since I'm having the damnedest time trying to find songs about Mexico I am compiling my list of the Top Ten Songs about Mexico.

I traveled to Puerto Vallarta for my honeymoon so some of my songs may veer towards the Mexican Pacific but all in all they are all great songs to enjoy in or around Mexico, or if you just have Mexico on your mind. (Like I have since returning back to the States.)


** LIST EDIT** A suggestion from the one and only Spiro has altered the list substantially. The Mexicali Blues by the Grateful Dead is an 11th hour add.

11. Rodeo or Mexico - Garth Brooks

10. Down to Mexico - Paul Gilbert

9. Mexico - James Taylor

8. Mexico - Sammy Hagar and the Wabos

7. Gringo Honeymoon - Robert Earl Keen Jr.

6. Seashores of 'Ol Mexico - George Strait

5. Mexicali Blues - The Grateful Dead

4. South of the Border - Frank Sinatra

3. Beer in Mexico - Kenny Chesney

2. Down in Mexico - The Coasters

1. Puerto Vallarta - Las Hermanas Huerta

I think that it's funny that I have two songs simply named "Mexico" and two more that nearly share a title in "Down IN Mexico" and "Down TO Mexico". Apparently there isn't much variety when it comes to naming songs based on our friendly neighbor to the south.


I heard prior to leaving for Puerto Vallarta, and Mexico in general that we here in the States often think of Mexico as 'foreign' and not 'neighbor'. This struck hard with me as it is VERY true. We easily see Canada as an annex of the United States yet liken Mexico to some far off third-world land. We do share a border with them and send our college students there in droves every Spring Break. You'd think we'd view them in better light. Just a thought . . .


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