Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bike Across America - Duzer Did!

For the past few weeks I have been watching Ryan Van Duzer ride his 3-speed New Belgium Cruiser from Oceanside, CA to Washington, D.C. on YouTube. Yes, I said 3-Speed Cruiser. No Ryan's not riding on some lavish expensive road bike, or a high-tech 21-speed mountain bike (although he did once ride from Honduras to Colorado on a mountain bike) Ryan is merely riding an old school beach style cruiser across this beautiful country.

He's gone through the Arizona and New Mexico deserts, over the Rockies, through the Plain States and over the Appalachians, and now he's on the doorstep of democracy, Maryland. The Duze has almost finished his journey to D.C. and now he needs our help. Please help spread the word about bike riding, sport cycling, pushing small children on bikes or anything that would get more people on one, two or three wheels and out of their carbon polluting vehicles.

Ryan supports bicycle co-op's like his local Community Cycles in Boulder, CO. He wants you to donate money, bikes, or time to your local bike co-op to help those in your community get on a bike or stay on a bike so they can stop putting the pedal to the metal and start putting their own feet on the pedals. Please watch Ryan's incredible journey across this great nation of ours and help him on his journey to convince Washington that NOW is the time to get behind bicycles and the HUMAN POWER that makes them move. So hop on your bike and tell people about bikes and Ryan Van Duzer's amazing ride across America.

Check out - Duzer Duz America - on a cruiser . . . (click link at the bottom to view vids on my blog.)

Also if this intrigued you Ryan has a whole bunch of videos on YouTube throughout all of his crazy adventures around the World. He's also been featured on the Travel Channel with some of his antics.

Ryan Van Duzer Show Reel from Ryan Van Duzer on Vimeo.



  1. Ryan is AMAZING. His cup isn't just full -- it's OVERFLOWING! It's an amazing accomplishment and a worthwhile message. Ride On Ryan!

  2. Great blog and summary of Ryan's ride and why he did it. I also posted a link to this on Ryan's Facebook page. He completes the journey today, THANKS for the support

  3. wow! Thanks for those amazingly kind words! I feel honored.
    The ride was simply amazing! Everything I could have wished for and more!