Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Brewsday - Discovery Channel's Brew Masters

In two weeks, for the first time ever there will be an entire television series devoted to the world of craft beer. On November 21st, Discovery Channel will begin airing "Brew Masters" starring Dogfish Head Brewery founder and President Sam Calagione. Some of you may remember Sam as being one of two industry insiders that were followed for the documentary "Beer Wars".

For those of you who aren't familiar with Sam, he an industry anomaly. There is new brewer like him in the world. At Dogfish Head, there is no ingredient in the world that is off-limits as possibly finding a home in one of his beers in the future. From an ancient beer recreating from a recipe found on a golden slab in the excavation of King Midas' tomb with Muscat grapes (Midas Touch), to a beer fermented in the largest wooden brewing vessel created since prohibition, constructed of Paraguayan Palo Santo wood (Palo Santo Marron), to even a beer that features ingredients from all seven continents (Pangea), these are the beers that inspire the work of Sam Calagione and Dogfish Head.

Discovery Channel takes on the ride with him as he ventures to remote locals in search of the world's best crops. These crops then will become pieces of new puzzles as he and the Dogfish Head Brewmaster will then create new beers with them. He'll travel to places like Peru, Egypt, Rome, Italy and even New Zealand to show the ever-expanding world of craft beer.


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