Sunday, October 31, 2010

Streaming Sundays - Halloween Unmasked

The history of Halloween spans all the way back to ancient Celts. It was migrated over to North America as immigrants began pouring into our borders in the early 20th century. It slowly began to gain popularity throughout the century. We all grew up Trick-or-Treating when we were little, and now we'll begin taking our own children door to door collecting candied goodies from all of the neighbors. 

This National Geographic special delves into the haunted history of this one of the 21st Century's most successful retail holidays. From pagan traditions, to a new life in the States, to vandals go awry, finally with a commercial monster that makes hundreds of millions over the course of little over a month. You too can learn all about this haunted holiday right here on Expect Odd Things!

We hope you enjoy this week's Streaming Sunday selection:


SOURCE INFO: Hulu.comNational Geographic 

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