Monday, October 18, 2010

Mad About Music Mondays - Wax Poetic

When one hears Norah Jones' music several musical styles come to mind, Jazz, Pop, Adult Contemporary, maybe even Rock. However one music style that is next to never associated with Norah Jones is TRIP HOP. You probably already think I'm crazy for even associating such a classic upbeat melodic singer like Norah with the downbeat tempos of a niche style known for it's association with American hip-hop.

I was shocked, as I'm sure you are, to find out that Norah Jones' beginning wasn't seeded at the hands of a classical pianist, or jazz virtuoso, but in the New York City trip-hop band Wax Poetic. Their past, and present-day line-up is the topic of our first Mad About Music Monday post in seven months.

Wax Poetic was formed in New York City in 1997 by İlhan Erşahin a Turkish saxophonist. Erşahin owns and operates the NYC jazz club Nublu as well as record company with the same. He himself a jazz musician teamed with 15 other musicians to create the collective known as Wax Poetic. They released their debut album in 2000, the self-titled Wax Poetic. They have also invited the vocal backings of the aforementioned Grammy-winning Norah Jones, former Brand New Heavies lead N'dea Davenport, and actor/poet Saul Williams

There have been several line-up changes since releasing their debut album. The band currently consists of Thor Madsen (guitar and beats), Jesse Murphy (bass), Jochen Rueckert (drums), and Marla Turner (vocals). In 2006 they released a three-part CD series beginning with Cophenhagen, followed by Istanbul and Brasil months later. 

Please enjoy our Monday selection of "Angels" featuring Norah Jones on the 2003 album from Wax Poetic Nublu Sessions:

For another great track from Wax Poetic, check out Sea Grass featuring N'dea Davenport


  1. Cool song, never would thought this is where she started out!