Monday, October 25, 2010

Mad About Music Mondays - Halloween Music

The words "Halloween music" are hard ones to unwrap, as it evokes many concepts and ideas. Some think of eerie sounds, creeky floors, and shrieking screams. Others think of the music from scary movies with their anxious ambiance literally the soundtrack to some of the most frightening moments in our lives. Others think of the campy songs thats accompany childhood favorites like Purple People Eater & Monster Mash. In addition, are songs with topics that are dark, morbid, or simply about this oddly joyous holiday. All of these and more are our feature on the Mad About Music Monday.

If you agree with one or all of these concepts than you came to the right place today! We're going to share with you where you can listen to some awesome Halloween music for free right at your computer. From wolves howling to Tracy Morgan's hilarious "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah" song as Tracy Jordan on The Girlie Show with Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock. (If you didn't get that then check out NBC's 30 Rock!) We're glad that we can aid in preparing for the childish madness that ensues on All Hallow's Eve.

Here are some sites to check out in increasing quality, with saving the best for last: Pandora RadioAOL Radio, Live365's embedded player below, and finally our favorite for all of your listening needs,'s Halloween Station provides just about all of the types of Halloween that I highlighted earlier. Soon after turning the station on to provide a background while I type this article, arguably the official theme of Halloween came on, Michael Jackson's Thriller. Then soon following was German metal band Helloween's Halloween. During some of the other sessions of listening to's holiday-centric station I've heard Las Vegas' own Panic at the Disco's take on the well-known This is Halloween song from Disney's dual-holiday film A Nightmare Before Christmas, to the Messur Chups' eerie Little Blood Sucker.

Admittedly, also some songs that leave you questioning their connection to Halloween, however, the bulk of the songs are applicable to Halloween. We hope you enjoy this and the rest of this week's Halloween music options.

**Added Note - In a recent poll, 90% of parents admitted to stealing candy from their child's Trick or Treat bag. **

Have a Happy and Safe Halloween. 

SOURCE INFO:, Live365, Pandora, AOL Radio

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