Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Weird Wednesdays - Labuat's Soy Tu Aire

This week's Weird Wednesday selection comes in the form of a musical group, a website, and an interactive online music experience. For their first music video, Spanish band Labuat teamed with web designers for a one-of-a-kind 'music video' that likely can never be duplicated. That's because of all the tried and true visual concepts attempted in music video, one where you create the images has never been even attempted before.

The story behind Labuat itself is quite interesting and intertwined if you ask me. Labuat consists of Spanish music producer and publicist Risto Mejide, the Barcelona-based alternative pop band The Pinker Tones, and 2008 Operation Triunfo Winner (a Spanish television show with likenesses to American Idol) Virginia Maestro.

Risto Mejide was a judge on the sixth season of OT 2008, as it is better known, when he began to notice one specific contestant's unique abilities. Mejide felt that the eventual winner, Virginia Maestro, was the perfect fit for the songs he had written several years earlier and shelved due to lack of talent to perform them.

But what brings Labuat to us on this humpday has little to do with their line-up or musical stylings. It has 100% to do with the incredible job the webmasters did coupling music and online interaction. This site is guaranteed to keep you enthralled, or in the very least for the duration of the song, but likely much more than that as you can save and send the video you create to others.

You have two options to view and experience the video. On Labuat's official site but the instructions are in Spanish, or you can view through the web developer's site in English. Have no fear if you're trying the official page, I have translated what the first screen says to English:

"Soy Tu Aire is a song full of complexity and simplicity. Of orchestras and whispery vocals. Of truths and lies intermingled. In light of its highs and lows, we wanted to give you something so you can move with the song.

A paintbrush.
Because, here, "Soy tu Aire" is painted in the air.

Move around wherever you like, wherever the song leads you. In the end you'll have something of your own creation, which you can see on video if you like."

Click the image to experience "Soy Tu Aire"

Labuat opened for Beyonce for her Barcelona show in May of 2009. In interesting news since releasing their first album in February of last year, it has been announced that Risto Mejide will not be assisting them on their upcoming follow-up album, and neither will the Pinker Tones be producing, leaving Virginia Maestro the only remaining member from the original lineup. 

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