Wednesday, October 10, 2007


No, I'm anything but kidding people Fantasy Congress is Where People Play Politics!

While casually surfing about for some snipets on Fantasy Sports I came across the best thing since the ESPN Crew talking pottery, FANTASY CONGRESS. You draft Congressmen and women and they get scores based on their legislation, votes, and soon to come on news they generate and their election metrics. Think you have an edge with your representative? Draft him today and watch as you soar above your Fantasy rivals to Political glory. Too bad league winner doesn't get a free romp on the town free of law enforcement cause you have the blessing of your top Congressional performer. Here's more directly from their website.

"Playing Politics Step One: DRAFTING

Your team consists of sitting Members of Congress (MCs) from all parts of the spectrum of seniority. The more senior a Representative or Senator, the more powerful they are. For your team, you will draft:

  • Upper Senators- Senators with seniority more than half the Senate
  • Lower Senators- Senators with seniority less than half the Senate
  • All-Stars- Senior Representatives
  • Supporting Lineup- Mid-Range Representatives
  • Rookies- Junior Representatives

You can bench, trade, or grab free agents to react to the changing political climate.

Your league commissioner can choose a range of drafting options, including: Autopick, Offline Draft, Open Draft (Pick'Em), or Silent Auction (where you bid political capital to get Members of Congress)." - for more visit them at

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