Thursday, September 24, 2009

Guest Blogger Thursdays - Spencer G.

How to get TV, Internet and a Phone with Long Distance Calling for about $40 a month!!
Yeah it sounded too good to be true to me too, BUT IT'S NOT! Ask President Grant!

Most things you read about that seem too be good to be true leave the $$$ issue out 'till the very end, so I will get the money part out of the way first. Plain and simple- You have to get high speed internet, and this may cost you about 40 bucks a month. Oh, you already have it? Great!

The next step is to ditch your telephone service and cable/satellite television service. You have to be careful with this because you may incur a fee for canceling these services too early. So be sure to check with your providers for any cancellation fees. And when they attempt to pressure you into keeping your service with them you can excitingly tell them you are canceling because you are going to be getting the same things they offer, FOR FREE. Keep reading and I will tell you how. Also remember, you are going to be saving $50-$100 or more each month depending on the type of long distance and cable plan you currently subscribe to.
Now onto saving money! If you are interested, read on!

Go to and send a request for a Google Voice account. You will receive an email in about 5-10 days with your Google Voice invite. Then you can login and pick your new phone number. The way it works is simple. Tell the program what phone number you want to call and then tell it what number to dial. For example: I want to call Scooter, so I put his number and then select the phone which I want to ring.(Pick a landline number or cell phone number) My phone will ring so I pick it up and the Google Voice program calls Scooter! Seconds later I am talking long distance for free! You can sync your contacts with Google Voice so when you want to call some one you just type heir name into the call box. Other things you can do with Google Voice include: Sending text messages, Recording phone calls, or Viewing voicemail as email. You can also have all your phones forwarded to your new Google Voice phone number! Another cool addition is to Google Voice is called GV Mobile. It is an application for jail broken iPhones and it does the same thing as Google Voice.

Now onto free television... This one may take some sacrifice on your end depending on what TV shows you like to watch. Keep in mind; this is free, Free, FREE! I use a website called Hulu to watch many of my favorite current and past TV shows. Hulu allows you to subscribe to many of your favorite shows so you can watch them online for free with limited commercials! The commercials really are very limited. Instead of a 3-5 minute break in the show every 5-10 minutes, you only have to put up with a 15 or 30 second commercial just a few times during each show. Another way to get free TV is to check out the major networks websites where you can watch full episodes for free. One drawback is you have to wait until the day after the show airs on cable TV to be able to watch it. So if you stand around the water cooler at work and talk about last night’s episode of Two and a Half Men, you may find yourself out of the loop. On the other hand you didn't have to pay to watch it and you can spend your hard earned money elsewhere! So check out ABC, CBS, NBC, Southpark, and more for your favorite shows. You will be surprised to find how many free shows are out there if you just look.

So now you're thinking that you now have a big screen or not so big screen TV that isn't going to be used anymore. Well there are many ways to hook up you PC or laptop to a TV! Check out some websites or do a YouTube search to find out how to hook up your specific devices together.

Many people will just need a cable or two and you are on you way to big screen bliss.
Say goodbye to your cable and long distance bills and hello to the many utilities you are already paying for with your internet bill. Gotta have the internet so why not use it to its full potential!

Send me an email if you have any questions or want help! - Spencer G.


  1. Looks like Google's Voice is pissing off some lawmakers in Washington. The FCC is a little concerned how the internet giant operates its Voice service. -


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