Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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In this week's Website Wednesday we suggest you visit - My brother-in-law first told me about this site about three or four years ago. Ever since I have been going to the site daily, as well as visiting their 'sister websites' wine.woot, shirt.woot, sellout.woot, and most recently to the family of sites, kids.woot.

Now I'm sure you're wondering what the hell is Woot and why should I go to the site. Woot is a daily deal website featuring only one product each day. That product is usually listed at an unbelievable price. Each night at midnight Central Time (Woot is based in Texas) Woot posts a new product for purchase. Some items, like their famous Screaming Monkeys and Random Crap grab bags, sellout in minutes if not after a couple hours. Other products never sellout and thus you have a 24-hour period to purchase that item. Once an item is soldout or has moved on you've likely missed your only opportunity to capitalize on that incredible price.

They can have such ridiculous prices because they buy in huge bulk quantities, they focus all of their efforts into a single product everyday. One of my favorite features of their site is that EVERY PRODUCT on Woot has only $5 shipping. So if you buy a 3x5 picture frame it costs you $5 shipping, and if you buy a washer-dryer set (I've seen them sell it!) only $5 shipping.

Their sister sites can run a little bit differently. For example wine.woot is not a daily site, they update their site weekly. Each week they unveil a new wine deal, usually two or more bottles from the same winery. Shirt.woot is a daily website and all of their tees are only $10 and that includes shipping. You can get it overnight shipped to you for an additional $5. Kids.woot is the newest member to the clan and operates just like and Sellout.woot.

From time to time Woot will feature a WOOT-OFF in which they quickly move through the remaining product in the warehouse. These quantity numbers are usually much smaller than normal woot days and they can cycle through twenty products in a given WOOT-OFF day. You know if they're having a WOOT-OFF if there are siren-like lights on the website.

Check out,,, and today.


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