Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Website Wednesday - CNET Reviews is one of the most valuable websites I use. Prior to me purchasing anything of value (over $100) I first check with CNet to see their editor's and their customer's opinions on electronic equipment. Whether I'm looking at a GPS system, a new laptop, or simply a webcam, CNet Review is where I go to get my information. Everyone tends to geek out on some of the gadgets I have around my house. Many people own comparable products but not ones that have comparable features. CNet is often where I find a better version than a model that I was currently looking at buying. Those extra features are what make most electronics today. Thanks to CNet Review, I always feel that I have the upper-hand when its time for me to upgrade something in my repetoire.

CNet Reviews offer comprehensive reviews that allow you to understand products prior to purchase. They highlight all the great features of a product as well as their drawbacks without you having to purchase it yourself and find it all out the hard way. I have used it for several recent purchases ranging from the aforementioned GPS receivers, higher end A/V receivers, camcorders, digital cameras, televisions, and even video games. I highly suggest before making your next big electronics purchase that you first check out how CNet rated it. Below is their online buying guide for camcorders. Check it out and more on their website.


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