Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Website Wednesday -'s Megavote

You probably can't believe that I'm about to write about a government run website for something of value and worth. But don't worry, this isn't going to be some political rant (yet) about health care or the economy. This is me informing you about what I likely consider to be one of the most important information sources I can possibly tell you about. has a newsletter called MegaVote that is specifically about your Representatives & Senators and how they vote on every issue in Congress. You can become more actively involved with your government as you track how your elected official spends their time in Washington. Did they even vote? With this tool you can see if they did and how they chose to vote on that issue. Sign up for the newsletter today and enjoy knowing a little more about your Congress member when the mid-term elections come up around a year from now. 

(The rant . . . ) With MegaVote I've been watching my elected official for about five or so years now. I have noticed a trend with one of my Senators. Senator John Ensign (another Senator caught in an affair recently) consistingly votes NO on everything. It doesn't matter what the vote is on, he votes NO, that is if he is even there as he wasn't during the voting through of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Being disappointed in his decisions the entire time I've been a Nevadan, I cannot say enough bad things about Sen. Ensign. Funny enough he is the one that I've written the most about issues over the years seeing his vote needing the most assistance and guidance. I always got back a standard issue reply message from his office. (. . . rant officially over)

Without MegaVote I would never no how bad this man's decisions really have been and continue to be. So sign up for MegaVote and begin tracking your Representatives and Senators today. You'll thank me later if you find odd trends in your elected officials like I have. Sign up today.

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