Thursday, October 1, 2009

Guest Blogger Thursday - Amanda K.

Quite possibly my favorite time of the year is autumn. In Central New York, fall comes when the weather turns from warm (mid 80s cannot be considered hot) to cool (after mid-Septemtber, CNY should be considered lucky to see temperatures above 70 before May). The sun is hidden most days by gray clouds that bring with them rain and the leaves on the trees turn from green to all shades of orange, red and yellow. Come Fall, New York State Tourism releases foliage reports and updates them weekly to keep the public up to date on the best areas to visit according to whether or not they are close or past their peak.
Of course, one cannot help but grab their camera and go outdoors to take photographs. Admittedly, I am one of those people. Kids in the leaves is often a hit with my family, so every Thanksgiving I "surprise" everyone with yet another shot of my kids, knee deep in leaves while some fall down around them. Very magical. And very well staged.
Another favorite for my family is going to the pumpkin patch and getting a pumpkin for each of us. Literally, hours are spent finding the best for each of us. My daughter's, because she is the smallest, has to be just that. Small, just like her. My son loves the perfectly round pumpkins with just a minor defect. Brown spot here or a little too much dirt there never seems to bother him. My fiance's pumpkin is usually the largest that the kids can find. After all, Daddy is a big man. And mine, well mine is often picked last just as we are getting ready to leave. We tend to forget about Mommy.

Once we get home, the decorating can begin. We have not yet worked up the courage to attempt carving said pumpkins, so we opt for the sets that can be just inserted into the veggie without having to give a knife or saw to a four and six year old. Good thinking, I know.

So, I suggest you get out rain or shine and enjoy what Mother Nature is painting for us. Dust off the camera, and support your local growers by finding your local pumpkin patch by CLICKING HERE. Bring your kids or for those of you without children, you can take mine. I lease them out cheap. And enjoy it while you can, because in the Northeast it will start snowing any day now.


  1. Great article Amanda! I miss the fall colors and fresh apple cider. Thanks for sharing your perspective!!

  2. Fall is the best season, but unfortunately it's too incredibly short! Never enough time to enjoy it as much as I would like until the massive amounts of snow come our way.

    If I ever moved away, I would surely miss it the most. I miss the times when I was young, and we would take trips to letchworth state park with the family, or go pick apples at a local farm (and yes fresh apple cider is the best!)


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