Saturday, October 24, 2009

... And We're Back

We took a minor hiatus last week to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather and tinker with some of our daily posts. We've added some new features to our blog and will be unveiling more as they become available. New to the blog is Reactions. After each blog post is a set of reactions you can select, a little like Facebook's 'like' feature. We have Funny, Interesting, Awesome, Cool, & Weird, this provides readers to post a comment without writing out a message in the comment field. Also we're beginning to feature Jump Breaks. This allows us to have shorter articles on the homepage of the blog and to create more interaction within our blog pages. Click on ENTRY CONTINUES HERE >>> to view the article.

The days stay the same unless otherwise noted. Fridays become Free-For-All Friday in which myself or a previous author will write on whatever topic they choose. It's hockey season so on Saturdays we'll write a lil diddy on the Buffalo Sabres for Sabres Saturdays. Mondays will continue to be about music but we'll fold in old music with the likes of the up and coming artists. Wednesdays become Weird Wednesday where we'll feature some oddity on the web or elsewhere. It will be on a 'as-needed' basis so it won't be weekly.

Please provide us some feedback on our entries whether it be using the new Reactions tabs or replying on our blog or our Facebook feed. We want to cater to you the follower and make sure that we stay in tune to your wants and needs. We hope to feature a couple more new bloggers before we head back to Szwejbbie for another insight to the environmental world. Thank you for following this blog and we hope to be getting our own domain in the coming months to become Until then follow us here and stay tuned for more updates.

- The Vegas Joker

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