Thursday, October 15, 2009

Guest Blogger Thursday - JBrown's Political Rant

So here it goes, get ready. This is going to be more like a political rant than anything else, just some things that have been specifically bothering me and some other people I've talked to about it... ready. set. FRUSTRATION!

O-O-O-bama. Seems to be the man of the new millennium these days. To be honest, he's not doing such a bad job now is he? First of all, the first 100 days in office was like sex. All we could do was stare and oogle. I personally was drooling. Here's the thing about his first one hundred days, there were a lot of reversals from the previous administration and some big promises. He certainly had some large shoes to fill, actually, he brought some new, large, shoes to the table. Health care, Guantanamo bay, Iraq/Afghanistan/North Korea/The rest of the World, climate change, apparently the 2016 Olympics (which I say, if Chicago really wants some Olympics, give them the Special ones...) and whatever else happens during the presidency, for instance, getting a cop and a professor together for a beer. Anywho, there's a lot going on that have all been placed in front of that one man. It's pretty intimidating. Thank god he has a lot of people to help him... wait. No. The people who are supposed to be helping this process, the select few people who are to represent us more individually, Congress, seems to be in a world of their own.

What has been really getting to me lately is the constant bickering in the way of progress. If you ask anyone, I would assume they would be in the same boat as me saying, "Please, stop procrastinating and help us make the essential changes we need to help our country succeed!" That goes for healthcare, climate change and so on. I can't say that I've always been proud of my country, but its the only country I know and it has made me who I am and I am proud to be who I am, as I hope most of you feel about yourselves. I would love to see this country succeed as far into the future as can be imagined. However, we have become very complacent with what this country is evolving into, or has evolved into. Now that we need change more than ever, they can't seem to get passed the "blame game." The time for blaming is long over. What we need is for the bickering to stop and for both sides, the democrats and the republicans, to come together and say, as the used car sales people do, "what will it take to get you into this today?" If they can compromise on a certain middle ground then we can work with that as a starting point. Rarely anything from the start is perfect, but we need the initial starting place to begin, obviously, and to work with it from there. Unfortunately, all we have is a lot of pissed off people in limbo, a president pleading for change and nothing to show for any of it.

Now there is some hope. Somewhat. I recently received a postcard from my local Colorado senator, Michael Bennet- D. It tells me that he cares, first off, then it goes on to say that he'd like to hear from me. Ha! He has no idea what he's gotten himself into! So I called the number to the Washington, DC office. Why hang out in the valley when you can go straight to the top of the mountain, right? Unfortunately, no answer at headquarters, all lines were busy, but I could talk to a staff member or leave a message. Now I realize there is a thought that hits as to would anything you say actually make it to the man himself? Probably not. Well, not right away at least. Keep in mind there are a lot of crazy people out there still that would probably call to talk about cat law or something along those lines, but to me this represents a hand held out in good nature. In another light it could just be a false hope to make the guy get more votes, I mean, thats politics. Alas, this is the only hopeful point I could bring up. Congress is in a world of their own, or more like a universe.

On one last note, I'd like to just mention that this world of ours is just that, ours. We all live here, love it or hate it, and people need to start respecting that. We need to treat it like camping trips and leave it how we found it for the next generations to love. Our president is doing his best to get that point across but on an individual level there needs to be more done. There are never enough people that can try to get this point across to others and the government, we need to be louder than ever before. This new generation of us, as we are all now of the age where we can realize the bigger picture, need to start taking the helm sooner rather than later. This new era and these new changes will effect us and the generations following us and we need to make sure there is a place for us and them to exist. So if you get anything out of this post, please let it be that complacency is the death of our society.

Thanks for reading! I could never get everything out that I have to say/rant but please if you have anything good/bad to say please post it. I'd love to have a discussion about this to see how the demographics feel about this subject. Thanks again!


  1. I had a great response to this but again the blog fucked me over and managed to delete it somehow. Great article, I agree completely and had a whole long reply to this on the same line of thinking. I'm really pissed now cause it was a really good reply and almost a continuation of what you had written. Maybe I'll get the muster together to write it up later today. fu&$in blog.

  2. damn! Thats unfortunate, maybe you could have a little "inspiration" and come up with it again?

  3. The Rant - Redux: I couldn't agree with you more. I too have felt that an overwhelming number of people are trying to get in the way of progress simply to get in the way of progress. What we have in Washington is a President trying to find SOLUTIONS to any and all problems the American people have. These may not be the greatest fixes in the World but they are a valiant attempt to right some wrongs. On the other side we have a few that continue to speak of the PROBLEMS we have in this nation. Our time to speak about the problems has passed, this is time of SOLUTION. We need to work collectively for the better good of the American people.

    I, too, am deeply concerned about our Congress. I follow my Congressional members via MegaVote and I've noticed that one my Senators automatically votes NO to EVERYTHING. He wasn't even there to vote when one of the most important pieces of legislation in the last 70-plus years went through, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, aka the Economic Stimulus. Recently Sen. John Ensign did hit YES on his ballot, he voted to push through the Defense Department's budget. Wow, how kind of you Mr. Senator. You don't find the time to make it to Capitol Hill during your affair scandal to represent your Nevada voters on THEE most important act passed since the Great Depression, however you can muster the strength to pass ahead our wartime Defense budget, to stuff the pockets of your pals.

    (this is deeply abbreviated version of my first comment attempt, I tried.)


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