Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Website Wednesday - IMDb

The Internet Movie Database is an outlet for unlimited movie and television knowledge. They bill themselves as the "biggest, most award-winning movie site on the planet." They give you accurate, unbiased information on just about any major motion picture or television show ever released. If you're watching a show on TV and wonder if that is the actress from Big, then sign into IMDb type in Weeds then click on Celia Hodes. There you will find out that Elizabeth Perkins was indeed the actress that played the love interest of Tom Hanks in Big. (Added treat: here's Tom doing the Big rap on the Jonathan Ross Show)

IMDb was founded almost 19 years ago to the day on October 17th, 1980 and quickly grew to become the one-stop shop for all things movie or television related. bought them out in 1998 while continuing on the tradition and promise to deliver the same great service without charge to its users. While most of you may have heard about IMDb before or even use it frequently, some of you may not know that the site recent began streaming full length movies, TV episodes and new movie trailers on its site.

For years I've been searching for the Bhutanese movie "Phörpa aka The Cup". One of the only places I can find valid information on it is IMBd and If any of you get to see even portions of this movie stay and watch. It is the story of a Tibetan monastery that has a young member wishing to watch the 1998 FIFA World Cup Final. The only problem is that monks have no TV's, power, or satellite reception. So the movie follows this young boys quest to find a satellite dish, tv, and generator for his monastery to watch the '98 World Cup Final. It is a unique look into modern Tibetan life and the all-encompassing international nature of FIFA's World Cup.

So next time you're looking for more information on your favorite actor, TV show, or a movie you're watching go only to one location to receive your information,

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