Friday, October 9, 2009

Forgetful Fridays - Daft Punk's Musique

This Friday we take you back to the late 90's once again, this time for some dance music. French techno geniuses Daft Punk burst onto the scene in '95-'96 with their hit single "Da Funk". Most people first came across the duo of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter with their 1997 international hit "Around the World," but I got in on the ground level. Daft Punk is one of the very few artists that I can say that I knew of before they hit it big time. I owned both the single from "Da Funk" (which is the CD lost and topic of today's post) and their first album 'Homework,' way before "Around the World" hit MTV.

Upon first hearing "Da Funk" on Canada's insanely better music channel, Much Music, I had to run out and buy their new single. Unbeknowst to me that "Da Funk" wouldn't be the song I would end up falling in love with on that single release. The single also included an extended version of "Da Funk" called "Ten Minutes of Funk." I have purchased many a single in my day and no single can even come close to comparing in paying dividends as Daft Punk's "Da Funk". According to Daft Punk themselves, this single sold more copies than their first album 'Homework'.

Check out a remix of Daft Punk's Da Funk

On the 'B Side' of the single, which doesn't really exist anymore post-vinyl/cassette singles, was the song entitled, "Musique." Since it's release, "Musique" has been one of my all-time favorite songs as well as likely one of my top two techno songs ever. (I know that electronic music purists cringe at the sound of the word techno, but I never got deeper in the genres of electronic music therefore it's all simply 'techno' to me.) So without further ado, here is Daft Punk's amazing single "Musique".

On a side note: while this is not an endorsement of these acts, it is a testament of how ahead of the curve Much Music has been. About a year before the following acts made it big on the charts here in the States, Much Music had these artists in heavy rotation seeing the coming tsunami of sales they would produce. Backstreet Boys, N'Sync, Spice Girls, Hanson and of course Daft Punk were all on Much Music around a year or so before people in the States ever even discovered their music. Thanks Much Music, I truly miss your comprehensive music coverage, something that our own MTV ditched on a long time ago.

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