Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Website Wednesday - Sabres.NHL.TV

Believe it or not one of the four major North American sports just started their season, but you wouldn't know it because ESPN doesn't cover sports they don't have the rights to air. The NHL just began it's 92nd season in Stockholm, Sweden and Helsinki, Finland. For the third year in a row the NHL choose to begin its season in Europe attempting to market the league to an international audience, much like the NFL has done with Mexico. The marquee event for this season will the Winter Classic to be held at Fenway Park on New Years Day 2010 with the Boston Bruins hosting the Philadelphia Flyers. This will be the third season that the NHL plays an outdoor game at an alternate sport's stadium.

With the general hockey talk out of the way, lets get to our Sabres news. The Buffalo Sabres joined the NHL in the 1970 expansion along with the Vancouver Canucks.Since then they have been to two Stanley Cup Finals in 1977 and 1999, losing both. (SKATE IN THE CREASE!) But we're not here to talk Sabres history, we're here to talk about the present and the future.

Last season the NHL unveiled what they like to call the NHL Portal. Their (team).NHL.TV site has quickly become the outlet for NHL news and exclusive stories about your favorite team. Usually during the regular season on Friday the Sabres.NHL.TV release the Sabres Show. This 1/2 hour program is devoted to 100% Sabres Hockey news. Hosted by well known Buffalo-area Channel 2 broadcaster Maria Genero and Sabres Broadcaster Kevin Sylvester. Check out the first ever Sabres Show here.

On Sabres.TV you can view game highlights, pre and post-game interviews and more. The site features endless video into the world of the Buffalo Sabres. If you're an out of market fan and cannot follow MSG on the tube, you can fill that void here online. I suggest you check out Sabres.NHL.TV today.

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