Saturday, October 10, 2009

Special Apperance Saturday - College Humor Prank War

For two weeks in a row we have a Saturday post, HURRAY! To kickoff this weekend we'll be enjoying a Prank War between two College Humor employees. Streeter and Amir are two of the higher profile employees of College Humor and if you follow their website at all you probably have seen them in skits or even seen a portion of this Prank War.

The war begins very mildly and the first couple pranks aren't as amusing and potentially harmful as the latter pranks. I will tell you that their war QUICKLY ESCALATES to becoming probably the most elaborate set of pranks ever between two friends. I could get into greater detail about these pranks but I feel it would ruin the surprises that explode left and right during the series of these pranks. I do want to say, however, again that the first couple pranks do not even come close to doing the last pranks justice. Enjoy them in order to get the full effect.

This theoretically 'over' Prank War could be rebooted at anytime. The last prank occurred 7 months ago, however the prank before that was a year and a half prior to that. Amir states at the end of the last prank that he'll get Streeter back really good, but he wouldn't wait a year and a half. Well Amir, it's been 7 months and I await your prank reply. Alas, here is the 7-part Prank War between Streeter and Amir of College Humor. I have put them together in one playlist so hit play, full screen the video and sit back and enjoy. I hope you enjoy this Special Appearance Saturday post.


  1. This is one of the funniest and saddest things I've ever seen. Good thing these guys seem like really good friends otherwise I think they would be enemies after all this.


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