Friday, October 16, 2009

Forgetful Friday - Alice in Chains (self-titled)

In November of 1995 Alice in Chains released their self-titled album after reuniting with Layne Stanley after a brief hiatus from the band for rehab, and time for his UNREAL side-band Mad Season. (Oddly enough I've only recently first heard of Mad Season on SIRIUS' Lithium 24) The album "Alice in Chains" had three major single releases for this album. The best-selling and most well-known is 'Grind', accompanying were 'Heaven Beside You', and 'Again'.
One of the more defining features of this album was its use of color. I know it's not very often that you reference color having an impact on a musical album but here it definitely did. Just approaching the album at the record store you could visibly see the neon yellow plastic jewel case enclosing the album. Follow that with purple liner notes and a purple disc with lime green writing on it. I don't believe they are shipping out copies that features the overt colors with the three-legged dog on the cover but it stood out to me as a teen. Just with the use of color they set their album apart from others, interesting ploy. I wonder why it came about. 

Beyond their major hits on the record were great deeper tracks. Sludge Factory is one of those songs.  Rolling Stone writer Jon Wiederhorn said in his Nov. 1995 review of the album, "'Sludge Factory' is a nightmarish vista that begins with a sluggish riff, peaks with a sprawling solo layered over demonic chatter and ends with an atmospheric mélange of wailing guitars." Here it is, maybe one day I'll find this album so I don't have to listen to my music via YouTube. I hope you enjoy it!

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