Friday, September 18, 2009

Songs From Albums I Don't Have Anymore - Saturday Morning Cartoons Greatest Hits

Okay that has to be one of the World's longest blog titles. But yes this is yet another installment of that teary-eyed concept of 'Songs from Albums I Don't Have Anymore', this time we're looking at Saturday Morning Cartoons' Greatest Hits. This week we are looking at a late 90's album featuring several notable bands. The Ramones, Tripping Daisy, Sponge, the Violent Femmes, and more. The song I'm featuring today is the theme from the 70's cartoon Hong Kong Phooey. I have included both Sublime's version of the song and the original theme so you can hear the similarities and differences. Please enjoy the theme of Hong Kong Phooey as played by 90's chart-topping artists Sublime. (Check out the guest appearance from Drew Barrymore!)


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