Friday, September 11, 2009

Songs From Albums I Wish I Still Had Around

This is a (hopefully) weekly column of a song or two from an album that I once owned and loved but since have misplaced and long for dearly. As we grow old we each grow attached to certain artists, songs and albums. They help define us as kids, teens, and later on adults. As we listen to the lyrics more closely all these years later they either mean vastly MORE or considerly LESS than what we had perceived. Hopefully this outlet will allow both you and I release some of the fond memories we have of our free-spirited youth. I regularly recall very specific moments, persons, or places when I hear songs as I moved often as a child changing scenery, friends, and surroundings as quick as the top Billboard hits would change over. Please sit back and enjoy "Song from Albums I Wish I Still Had Around."

This week's entry comes from the album Loud Rocks! The hip-hop/rap studio Loud Records released a collaboration album with many of the hard rock and nu-metal bands that were coming out in the late 90's. The 1999 release had match-ups like Ozzy Osbourne and the Wu-Tang Clan, Sevendust and Xzibit, Sugar Ray and the Alcoholiks, along with Incubus and Big Pun. The track I chose to select is another collaboration from the Wu-Tang Clan. This time they've paired up with the Armenian band System of a Down. Please enjoy this rendition of "Shame'. **Added bonus** beneath it I have included Wu-Tang's original version of the track.


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