Thursday, November 26, 2009


Happy Turkey Day everyone! Today is a day of hanging out with family, eating awesomely home-cooked meals, and taking the now famous tryptophan power nap.

Thanksgiving seems to the forgotten holiday this year. Smushed in between Halloween and Christmas, apparently itself doesn't generate enough consumer spending for anyone to give some respect or awareness in the media. Sure, sure there are the "Day-After Thanksgiving Sales" but those are considered the first day of Christmas shopping and the first day of the Christmas season, not a continuation of Thanksgiving. 

One important thing to remember that tomorrow is Buy Nothing Day. While I won't technically participating the way that the Adbusters would want, I am staying out of the malls, and mass shopping centers. What I'm choosing to do is drive a couple hours south of L.A. to San Diego and enjoy the overwhelming breweries that are scattered throughout the county. Check out our planned trajectory for tomorrow below.

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Well that's tomorrow. More about today! It's filled with food, family, and football. Myself being a Dallas Cowboys fan consider it just another gameday. Each year as family members are dressed to the nines, showing off their new holiday outfit I'm planted in front of the TV rocking my Jason Witten #82 jersey drooling over my fantasy team.

The other guarantee play on Thanksgiving, the Detroit Lions, has seemed like a joke to me seemingly my whole life. Each year as we gather with a closest friends and family we may or may not be enjoying the offerings of the NFL on the National Holiday. To have us all forced to watch the Lions play is almost criminal. Not since the heyday of Barry Sanders has watching the Lions even been remotely entertaining. Luckily the NFL Network realized the void that needed filling and now provides us with one last night game to enjoy.

But Football and Shopping aren't the reasons why we all get together on this holiday. The history of Thanksgiving is complicated, often misquoted and misunderstood. Below is the History Channel's History of the Holidays: Thanksgiving Special. Enjoy it as you reflect on what you are thankful for this year. Happy Thanksgiving! Expect Odd Things is thankful for their most successful year yet, and anticipate this blog growing into something magnificent. Thank you for following us on this holiday and hope you have a safe and happy holiday. 

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