Sunday, November 29, 2009

Streaming Sunday - All About Steve

Sandra Bullock stars as quirky cruciverbalist (crossword puzzle writer) Mary Horowitz in the new movie All About Steve. She lives at home with Mom and Dad who continually put her on dead-end blind dates with their friend's sons, most of which are far less than stellar prospects. Enter Steve (Bradley Cooper), a National news cameraman who is good looking, smart, and witty. Only problem is, Steve thinks she's wacko, and ditches on their blind date without having driven even an inch towards dinner.

Now that I've provided you more backstory than I was provided prior to watching this film, I'll leave you to fend for yourself this last Saturday in November. (EEK! One more month before yet another year is gone!) Sideways' Thomas Haden Church co-stars and The Hangover's Kim Jeong also stars in this week's entry of All About Steve.

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