Sunday, November 22, 2009

Streaming Sundays - Pirate Radio

Arguably one of the most advertised films of the years, Pirate Radio provides some harmless fun at the cinemaplex that hasn't been found at the box office in a couple years. Pirate Radio, or as it is known throughout the rest of the world, "The Boat That Rocked" provides a soundtrack of the most important record releases of the late 60's while fusing together laughter, camaraderie, and a unique sense of isolationism.

Join us on this voyage to provide great rock and roll music to the people of England by pre-empting Ms. Palin by going rogue off the coast of Britain, broadcasting from various ships. While this is based on a true story it's not based specifically on one ship or story. Rather the writers collected a bevy of storylines from the various pirate radio stations that were actually in existence. Radio Caroline is the one real-life ship that seems to mirror the movie's story line to some degree, however a great deal of artistic license has been enacted to provide us with an interesting plotline to follow.

The Official Movie website has some fun features to help promote the film. First is a looping radio station for your own listening pleasure from your computer. Click here to launch the Radio Rock station right at your own computer! Or if you prefer trivia, play this 15 songs in 15 seconds Name That Tune game, you have 15 seconds to guess the name of the track. I got 15 out of 15 in 75.58 seconds. How fast and how correct can you be?! (To view film, scroll to the bottom of the entry and click the play button.)

We hope you enjoy this week's Streaming Sunday feature - The Boat That Rocked a.k.a. Pirate Radio

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