Monday, November 23, 2009

Mad About Music Monday - Adele

The whole purpose of this weekly post is to inform our viewing audience of new and not-so-well-known artists. Well today we are educating ourselves as we were completely unaware of today's post until we began researching it. With three simple words I located today's musical rising star, BEST-NEW-ARTIST. Today's feature is the reigning 2009 Grammy Award Winning Best New Artist, and winner of the Grammy's Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

For Best New Artist she beat out Disney wonderboys The Jonas Brothers, fellow Brit star Duffy, and rising country performers Lady Antebellum. For the Best Female Pop Vocal Performance she topped Duffy once again, and established singers like Katy Perry and Pink to take the award. Her style is self-proclaimed 'heart-broken soul'.

Admittedly Adele's music is nothing I would be interested myself but that's not to say that she isn't incredibly talented. I'm sure several of the artists that we'll feature here won't be of interest to everyone, but someone somewhere could think this is their Best New Artist in their portfolio and that's all that simply matters. I could see myself listening to her music on a cold rainy day while baking cookies or cleaning the living room. For me it's relaxing music, quite introspective, soul moving. In that case I guess she's bang on with her self-description of her music as 'heart-broken soul'. 

She won Best Female Pop Vocal Perfomance for the song "Chasing Pavements". Her impact has been so universal that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown sent her a letter thanking her for her support of Britain during the country's time in need.

To learn more about Adele visit her website, visit her YouTube page or purchase her albums

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